Program – Open Optical Communications Design Conference 2017
November 2, 2017 | Sheraton Dallas Hotel | Dallas TX
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Exclusive presentations by keynote speakers, interactive sessions, live interviews and a networking drinks reception. Schedule subject to change.
  • Thursday 2 November 2017
    • 8:30 am

      Welcome and Introduction

      Speakers: Stephen Hardy - Lightwave
    • 8:45 am

      Keynote – Windstream: SDNow is Here Now

      Speakers: Jeff Brown - Director of Product Management and Product Marketing - Windstream
      Focused discussion on Windstream’s use of open optical systems to support SDNow and other services. Providing some history on Windstream’s fiber network, Brown will touch on why having open systems in a multivendor environment is important to success, the benefits the implementation offers, as well as the challenges the team
    • 9:15 am

      Delivering Massive Scale

      Speakers: Andrew Leong - Network Manager Optical Engineering - Facebook
      Every day, people and communities rely on Facebook’s global network and infrastructure to share information, ranging from photos and videos to messages and News Feed, and expanding to more interactive and rich 360 and VR applications. The network infrastructure required to support Facebook’s level of service is one of the
    • 9:45 am

      Thriving in the Open Ecosystem Means Co-Creating, Not Just Coexisting

      Speakers: Rod Naphan - CTO & Senior Vice President Of Solutions & Portfolio Planning - Fujitsu
      A fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing disruptive digitally-enabled technologies into every area of life. But the transformation made possible by these technologies cannot happen without also transforming communications networks. Service providers must adapt their architectures and business in order to thrive instead of struggling to survive...
    • 10:15 am

      Coffee Break

    • 10:45 am

      Open Optical Platform work at AT&T

      Speakers: Martin Birk - Lead Member of Technical Staff - AT&T
      Historically, Optical Transport Platforms have been proprietary, with tightly coupled hardware and software from a single manufacturer. Every manufacturer has to build every single feature a Network Operator wants into their platform. In 2014, AT&T embarked on a quest to disaggregate and open up optical transport platforms, co-founding the Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and open sourcing the first set of specification in the beginning of 2016. By now...
    • 11:15 am

      Autonomous + Open Networks

      Speakers: Tim Pearson - Director of Product Management - Ciena
      The Autonomous Network – one that is self-aware, can automatically adjust to bandwidth demands and self-optimize – is still a blurry beacon in the horizon in today’s manually intensive, static operating environment. This session describes how open architecture components are essential to network visibility, predictive analytics and automation, allowing operators
    • 11:45 am

      Openness: It’s More About the API than the OLS

      Speakers: Robert Keys - VP of Engineering - Juniper Networks
      You want open? We’ll give you open. But, it means more than simply providing a YANG data model exposed from a ROADM, amplifier or transponder. It means disaggregating the hardware management plane from the control plane. It means using contemporary software technologies, tools and models from cloud networking. It means
    • 12:15 pm

      Delegate Lunch

    • 1:15 pm

      Software Defined Interconnection – Openness, Programmability, Disaggregation and Neutrality

      Speakers: Oleg Berzin Ph.D. - Senior Director Technology Innovation - Equinix
      Demanding requirements for supporting 5G RAN/Core densification, distribution virtualization and network slicing drive the transformation of the underlying transport network. The connectivity can no longer be provisioned using semi-static network layer configurations and disjoint API sets. Distributed virtual network functions require direct programmatic interaction with the IP/Optical network fabric for
    • 1:45 pm

      Desperately Seeking Software

      Speakers: Marc De Leenheer - Open Networking Foundation
      Open optical systems are being heavily influenced by the software defined networking/network functions virtualization (SDN/NFV) trend. That means a lot of software. Who is responsible for creating the necessary software and ensuring it’s all compatible?
    • 2:15 pm

      Rule # 1 – Don’t Blow Up The Network

      Speakers: Glenn Wellbrock of Verizon
      Verizon has built a well-earned reputation around its “most reliable network” and believes an open optical system adds unnecessary risk to the very foundation that supports its services, Glenn will report. Instead, the company’s focus is on improving flexibility, scalability and reliability at the optical transport layer by collapsing multiple
    • 2:45 pm

      Coffee Break

    • 3:15 pm

      Following the Open Road(map): Milestones to Watch on the Way to Open

      Speakers: Jay Gill - Principal Manager at Infinera
      The open optical network vision is great, but how do I get started today? What’s coming around the corner that I need to get ready for? And what part of the vision might take a while to get here… if it ever does? This session will provide a blunt assessment
    • 3:45 pm

      Controlling the OLS – Enabling disaggregation without degradation

      Speakers: Paul Morkel - Senior Director Product Line Management - ADVA Optical Networking
      Fully or partially disaggregated Open Line Systems offer multi-vendor interworking at the photonic layer enhancing supply chain flexibility for operators.  Multiple analog components of the OLS including amplifiers and WSS ROADMs are controlled together in a way to maximize reach performance and fiber capacity. How then should control approaches evolve
    • 4:15 pm

      Responsible Networking – Low Footprint Open Optical Networks

      Speakers: Željko Bulut - Director of Product Management - Coriant
      In this new era of open computing and networking, the telecom community needs to pay special attention to the environmental impact of network deployments. This talk explores the role that open, ultra-low power, ultra-efficient, and modular solutions can play in enabling more responsible and environmentally-friendly networks...
    • 4:45 pm

      Wait, What Did We Just Say?

      Speakers: Andrew Leong - Network Manager Optical Engineering - Facebook, Jay Gill - Principal Manager at Infinera, Jeff Brown - Director of Product Management and Product Marketing - Windstream, Robert Keys - VP of Engineering - Juniper Networks, Rod Naphan - CTO & Senior Vice President Of Solutions & Portfolio Planning - Fujitsu, Tim Pearson - Director of Product Management - Ciena
      Our wrap-up panel comments on the topics covered throughout the day, the ones we may have missed, and where the open optical trend will go from here. Stephen Hardy will provide some brief closing remarks at the end of this session.
    • 5:15 pm

      Networking Reception

      Network face-to-face with leading experts and companies on the forefront of this changing landscape of open optical design. The networking reception is the perfect opportunity to meet with colleague and speakers that you’ve interacted with throughout the day, plus visit sponsors/exhibitors to get a first hand look at the latest

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